Expert tells you how to choose the best blackout curtain

Where is the house face to and what apartment layout is are very important thing we need to consider to when buy a house. Also the house is full of light or not. It is terrible problem if house is full of light all the time. Light shading is become more important. To block light out, curtain is necessary. Next question is how to choose a good or the best blackout curtain cause there are to many blackout curtains in the market but they are not the same quality? Two criterions.


First: Toluene specifications should not exceed

Make sure the blackout curtain you choose toluene specifications are not exceeded. There are two kinds pf blackout curtain can be found in curtain market. First is the cheap chemical curtain which has coating on curtain surface to reach light shading quality. Because of the glue, no guarantee completely curtain contents is non-toxic. The second blackout curtain is made from physical material that is called Eco-friendly blackout curtain without any coating and chemical composition. Completely natural and environmental protection. Of course they are more expensive than the chemical curtain.

best blackout curtain

Blackout quality more important than curtain thickness

Curtain thickness is not only thing you need to consider to when doing blackout curtain purchase.Blackout quality is more important. Some very thick curtains but not good at light shading such as velvet curtain, very poor at blackout. Better take back home the dedicated blackout curtain if you want to have 100 percent blackout.