Shabby Chic Curtains Make Your Room Become Unique Style

As people require more higher quality of room renovation. Curtain has become pretty pursuit differ from original light insulation performance. A chic curtain make your room look more different and unique which become an important part for home decor in nowadays. Home style designer says because of many kinds of curtain styles, different home style can be used different curtains in different patterns, colors and fabric to decorate the house whereas to create different home styles in the end. Today we are going to share you several shabby chic shower curtains styles.


First:Curtain for dark room

If the room is dark that means the room is facing to direction shortage of light. Light color curtain printed with floral would be good ideal to hang up here. The sloppy fabric organization can expand the light to the whole room to make room bright even the curtain is pulling down but room would be bright as much as it can.

shabby chic curtain

Second:Curtain use for lower story

If it is a large room but lower than common story height, it makes people feel the room full of pressure. To solve this problem, striped curtain in brilliant contrasting color is best choice to hang up in the room, if there is sheer curtain or light inner payer that would be great duplex style for home decor with which stretching room height look more higher than before.

Third:curtains for small room

If the room is too small to choose floor-length curtain to hang up. And the curtain fabric is better the one which has great light reflection to give a sense of transparent and spatial to become more larger and higher.

Using shabby chic curtains for home decoration effective to make a different home style when doing renovation.